WATCH: Fox Media Analyst Howard Kurtz Doesn’t Ask Kat Timpf About Retracted National Review Article

WATCH: Fox Media Analyst Howard Kurtz Doesn’t Ask Kat Timpf About Retracted National Review Article

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz brought on Fox News contributor and National Review writer Kat Timpf on his media criticism program MediaBuzz this morning for a one-on-one segment, yet somehow forgot to bring up her recent National Review Title IX article that the publication had to retract.

In case you missed it, Timpf wrote a piece last week that argued a student at the University of Missouri was punished under Title IX guidelines for being physically larger than the woman he asked out on a date. In reality, the male student had stalked and harassed the woman for months, something the man’s own lawyer copped to in a filing, causing National Review to first revise the article before pulling it all together.

Timpf appeared on MediaBuzz this morning to ostensibly talk about disgraced Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey and his creepy YouTube video in which he seemingly addressed the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him while playing his House of Cards character Frank Underwood. Right around the time Spacey’s video went live, it was reported that he would be charged for sexual assault.

As he introduced Timpf, he noted that she was both a Fox News contributor and a National Review writer. Yet, during the entire segment, Kurtz never once mentioned Timpf’s article, despite the fact that it had been highly criticized by members of the media both before and after its retraction.

At the end of the segment, Kurtz gave Timpf the last word on the Spacey subject. The Fox personality noted that it was a given that the Usual Suspects actor wasn’t able to “use and abuse” his power “to take advantage of people anymore” before ending it with this observation:

“He’s clearly trying to bypass the apology and just go on with life as usual.”

Meanwhile, Timpf has yet to publicly address the article retraction. Prior to the piece being taken down, she did respond to Reason associate editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s tweeted criticism of the article by noting that she was “updating the piece.”

In the end, one can maybe give Kurtz a pass for not mentioning the article retraction as Timpf was on to discuss another subject entirely. At the same time, as a media critic, one would think he’d want to get some kind of answer on it, especially as it was something that had impacted his interview subject in recent days.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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