‘God, He’s Just Full Of It!’ Katy Tur Shreds Trump For Lying About Military Pay Raises

‘God, He’s Just Full Of It!’ Katy Tur Shreds Trump For Lying About Military Pay Raises

On Thursday, MSNBC host Katy Tur just wasn’t in the mood to deal with yet another lie from the president.

During his Christmas trip to Iraq to visit the troops, President Donald Trump blurted out two blatant falsehoods about military pay. Not only did he tell the soldiers that he had given them their first pay raise in ten years (they’ve gotten raises every year since 1983) but he also said that the raise he gave them was 10 percent (it was actually 2.6 percent).

After playing a clip of Trump making these false claims to the troops, Tur just decided to let it rip.

“God, he’s just full of it,” she exclaimed. “None of that is true. Look at this graphic. It will show you the pay raises for the military in the past ten years. For 2019, they are getting a 2.6 percent, not a 10 percent raise.”

She went on to note that the biggest raise the military has received in the past ten years actually occurred in 2010, when they were given a bump of 3.4 percent. She then wondered aloud if Trump is “just that bad at numbers” of if he’s “deliberately lying.”

Later on in the conversation, Tur explained that she still couldn’t let the issue go of Trump lying about the size of the raises.

“I’m still stuck on the pay raises,” she said. “If you told me I’m getting a 10 percent raise and I’m only getting a 2.6 percent raise, I’d be pretty pissed off. Especially if I was in a war zone risking my life every day. To hear I’m getting a 10 percent raise from the commander in chief? The top of my echelon? I would be kinda bummed — a little angrier — if I found out that’s not the case.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

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