Trump’s Businesses Use ‘Happy Holidays’ Despite His War On Christmas Rhetoric

Trump’s Businesses Use ‘Happy Holidays’ Despite His War On Christmas Rhetoric

President Donald Trump has been promising for two years that people will say ‘Merry Christmas’ again, to the delight of his supporters. His rhetoric about the ‘War on Christmas’ has been in keeping with the right’s obsession with the imaginary hatred of Christmas. However, Trump’s own businesses aren’t playing along.

A report from Britain’s Guardian newspaper claims that many of Trump’s businesses are using the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’ and describing Christmas-themed products as ‘Holiday’ products. Predictably, the phrase appears as ‘Happy Holiday’s’ in at least one Trump release, an obvious misspelling.

The Trump Store has produced a holiday gift guide, not a Christmas gift guide. “Shop our Holiday Gift Guide and find the perfect present for the enthusiast on your list,” the online store says. Trump fans looking for a Christmas present might be surprised to find that references to Christmas are largely absent.

“Carefully curated to celebrate the most wonderful time of year with truly unique gifts found only at Trump Store. Add a bow on top with our custom gift wrapping. Happy Holiday’s!” the guide says. The mistake does not seem to have been corrected. Trump himself makes similar errors on Twitter.

The newspaper also reports that ‘Christmas’ appears nowhere in Trump Tower in New York. The Trump Grill offers a ‘Holiday Menu’, that does not seem to contain any Christmas-themed items. And Trump’s business don’t appear to use the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ very often on their Twitter accounts.

In the detailed article, the Guardian claims that Trump once refused to decorate the lobby in a building he owned at Christmas, 1981. This was reportedly part of a strategy to drive out tenants so he could knock down the building.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.