Trump Won’t Go To Mar-A-Lago As The Shutdown Looks Like It Will Drag On

Trump Won’t Go To Mar-A-Lago As The Shutdown Looks Like It Will Drag On

President Donald Trump has not travelled to Florida for the holidays as the federal government remains partially shut down. Trump may head to Mar-a-Lago at some stage but the shutdown is expected to last through the holidays as he continues to demand funding for a border wall.

The shutdown will continue until the impasse is broken, but that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. Negotiations will continue after Christmas but there is a high probability that the shutdown will last into January, 2019.

Trump has said that he is willing to accept a long shutdown because of his concerns about border security. But it will not be possible to secure funding for a border wall as long as Democrats in the Senate refuse to agree on a spending bill containing funding for it.

Sixty senators must vote to end debate on the spending bill before it arrives on Trump’s desk, but there is no consensus in Congress about providing funds for the wall. The decision to shut down parts of the government was taken by Trump. Many Republicans are unconvinced by Trump’s claims about a wall.

If the shutdown continues into January when Democrats take control of the House, Trump may find it even harder to reach a deal. Democrats will be unwilling to provide funding for what most of them believe to be an unnecessary and ineffective measure.

Trump’s behavior in recent days, particularly with regard to the wall and the shutdown, has reportedly caused serious concerns among Republicans, who would rather not have to deal with these problems during the holiday season. There is some suggestion that the GOP Congressional leadership is souring on Trump because of his erratic behavior.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.