For Second Night In Row, Non-Fox Employee Dan Bongino Guest Hosts ‘Hannity’

For Second Night In Row, Non-Fox Employee Dan Bongino Guest Hosts ‘Hannity’

With it being the week before Christmas, it is hardly surprising that some cable news hosts are taking a few days off before the holidays. Over the past few days, Fox News star Sean Hannity has been on break. Friday night, Fox News contributor and former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz manned the desk while Judge Jeanine Pirro filled in for Sean on Monday and Tuesday.

So who has subbed for Hannity since then? Well, it wasn’t someone currently under contract with Fox.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights, frequent Fox News guest and former NRATV contributor Dan Bongino showed up at 9 PM ET as the guest host of Fox’s highest-rated program. While Bongino is a near-ubiquitous presence on Hannity and other pro-Trump Fox opinion shows — he has made hundreds of Fox News and Fox Business appearances this year — the thrice-failed Congressional candidate is not a paid Fox employee.

Media reporters took notice over a guest commentator getting the chance to host a primetime talk show. The Daily Beast’s Max Tani, who co-wrote an October deep dive into Bongino, tweeted about the former Secret Service agent’s temp gig.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy wondered “what Fox employees think about a non-Fox employee hosting Fox’s biggest show for two nights in a row.”

Bongino, who has blocked most of the free world on Twitter, apparently had Darcy momentarily unblocked and decided to clap back, asking what “sane, rational people think about Oliver Darcy’s near deranged obsession with Fox News.” The CNN reporter then remembered that “Dan gets triggered by the slightest bit of criticism.”

Now, while it does seem odd that a network would give a solo primetime hosting spot to a non-employee, it isn’t unprecedented for Fox News. On multiple occasions, Tucker Carlson has handed the reins over to conservative commentator Mark Steyn when he’s taken a day off. Though Steyn appears on Tucker Carlson Tonight on a near-nightly basis, he is not a paid Fox News commentator.

Anyway, if you are upset that you missed Bongino’s run as Hannity’s host, have no fear. You can tune in Friday night, as he announced on Thursday’s show that he’d be closing out the week. Perhaps on Friday, he’ll have time to talk about Secretary of Defense James Mattis quitting. He didn’t seem to have time to discuss it on Thursday:

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