Kellyanne Conway Claims Chris Cuomo Used A ‘Slur’ By Saying Trump Doesn’t Tell The Truth

"You called the president tonight a slur that I am not going to repeat"

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway argued with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo towards the end of a marathon interview on Thursday night’s broadcast of Cuomo Prime Time, claiming that Cuomo calling President Donald Trump a liar was a slur. Earlier in the interview, Cuomo had asked Conway if he wanted him to call her a liar, telling her “if I have to call you a liar I will.”


CUOMO: My job is to test the White House.

CONWAY: No, your job is to — but you, come on, you can test me, but you have to be honest about the way you do it.

CUOMO: I really think I am, I think I’m pretty transparent.

CONWAY: You’re assigning — yes, I can’t deny that, you are very transparent. But you look at that —

CUOMO: You mean that as a pejorative. But I mean it in terms — I know you mean it as an insult.


CUOMO: I don’t take shots at you or the president.

CONWAY: You’re transparent.

CUOMO: I’m just talking about what?

CONWAY: You called the president tonight a slur that I am not going to repeat —

CUOMO: Slur? I never.

CONWAY: You say he’s not telling the truth.

CUOMO: He lies a lot.

CONWAY: That’s a slur. That’s a slur…Today he said, true or false, today he said he never directed Michael Cohen to commit a crime.

CUOMO: I am not going to take the president at his word when he has a record of lying about these things. He didn’t know about the stormy Daniels payment. He said the guy was a pr agent, then he says he’s his lawyer. Then nothing happened, then we have the tape with his voice on it. The facts are overwhelming. They really are.

CONWAY: The facts are not overwhelming.

CUOMO: That’s why I ask.

CONWAY: Oh, thank you, in a took you 25 minutes. It doesn’t expose him to anything now.

CUOMO: It is not the law of the land, but it is the guidance of the DOJ, and until it changes, I don’t know how they could indict.


Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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  • Elizabetta
    14 December 2018 at 1:44 am

    I had to turn the channel shortly after Kellyanne Conway started talking. CNN should not waste our time, try our patience or irritate us with this woman, who is every bit as delusional, bombastic, and morally bankrupt as her boss.

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