Kellyanne Conway Claims Chris Cuomo Used A ‘Slur’ By Saying Trump Doesn’t Tell The Truth

Kellyanne Conway Claims Chris Cuomo Used A ‘Slur’ By Saying Trump Doesn’t Tell The Truth

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway argued with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo towards the end of a marathon interview on Thursday night’s broadcast of Cuomo Prime Time, claiming that Cuomo calling President Donald Trump a liar was a slur. Earlier in the interview, Cuomo had asked Conway if he wanted him to call her a liar, telling her “if I have to call you a liar I will.”


CUOMO: My job is to test the White House.

CONWAY: No, your job is to — but you, come on, you can test me, but you have to be honest about the way you do it.

CUOMO: I really think I am, I think I’m pretty transparent.

CONWAY: You’re assigning — yes, I can’t deny that, you are very transparent. But you look at that —

CUOMO: You mean that as a pejorative. But I mean it in terms — I know you mean it as an insult.


CUOMO: I don’t take shots at you or the president.

CONWAY: You’re transparent.

CUOMO: I’m just talking about what?

CONWAY: You called the president tonight a slur that I am not going to repeat —

CUOMO: Slur? I never.

CONWAY: You say he’s not telling the truth.

CUOMO: He lies a lot.

CONWAY: That’s a slur. That’s a slur…Today he said, true or false, today he said he never directed Michael Cohen to commit a crime.

CUOMO: I am not going to take the president at his word when he has a record of lying about these things. He didn’t know about the stormy Daniels payment. He said the guy was a pr agent, then he says he’s his lawyer. Then nothing happened, then we have the tape with his voice on it. The facts are overwhelming. They really are.

CONWAY: The facts are not overwhelming.

CUOMO: That’s why I ask.

CONWAY: Oh, thank you, in a took you 25 minutes. It doesn’t expose him to anything now.

CUOMO: It is not the law of the land, but it is the guidance of the DOJ, and until it changes, I don’t know how they could indict.


Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Contemptor Staff

Contemptor Staff