WATCH: John Solomon Complains To Hannity About A Woman Throwing Tacos At Him

WATCH: John Solomon Complains To Hannity About A Woman Throwing Tacos At Him

The Hill’s John Solomon lamented on Fox News’ Hannity that a woman stopped him on the street and threw tacos at him, pointing out that it wasn’t funny.


SARA CARTER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): That’s right. Well, you know, Sean, this is constant. It’s a constant battle. John Solomon wrote this story about these whistleblowers. They testified on the hill to Chairman Mark Meadows and, you know, his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that they were questioned by the FBI. They turned over the information to the FBI. Under some pretty brutal questioning, one of the investigators, a financial expert — by the way, they were very straightforward with the fact that they paid for their own investigation into this. They do this with other charitable foundations to seek the truth and yes, to make money. Once they expose it and give it to the IRS, the IRS does pay them for their investigations. So they basically admitted that the FBI is actually investigating the Clinton Foundation and it’s been ongoing. It’s huge.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): John, apparently you got a mention.

SOLOMON: Yeah, I ignore silliness. But what happens sometimes. Some people issued a statement suggesting that I was an agent of Russia. As I came here tonight, Sean —

HANNITY: By the way, everybody is an agent to Russia. He’s guilty. He’s laughing.

SOLOMON: It’s pretty funny. What is not funny, on the way here tonight, a woman stopped me on the street and angry and screaming at me. She tossed her tacos on me. I did come in tonight smelling like taco dip tonight, I apologize. The silliness that goes on. We ought to stay focused on the facts and what happens in our so many important things that were divulged today and most of the media is chasing things that are irrelevant to these facts.

HANNITY: Last word, Gregg Jarrett


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