Stephanie Ruhle Claps Back At Hannity For Mocking Her For Choking Up Over Bush: ‘MEET HUMANITY’

Stephanie Ruhle Claps Back At Hannity For Mocking Her For Choking Up Over Bush: ‘MEET HUMANITY’

After Fox News star Sean Hannity spotlighted MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle’s tearful reaction to President George H.W. Bush’s death as an example of mainstream media hypocrisy, the MSNBC host clapped back on Twitter, pointing out that she was just acting human after witnessing a truly emotional clip involving the former commander-in-chief.

During his show’s opening monologue Monday night, the conservative cable news host took aim at a number of media personalities — curiously, all of them female — for praising Bush’s accomplishments, claiming that the media had “excoriated” Bush during his life and peppered him with “nasty coverage.”

After playing a montage of media reactions to Bush’s death, the Trump-boosting commentator complained that the mainstream press was also using the former president to “bludgeon” Trump.

After the clip began making the rounds on Twitter, Ruhle responded to Hannity by pointing out why she was so emotional on the air Monday.

“DEAR HANNITY… MEET HUMANITY,” she wrote. It is true. After watching a heart wrenching video narrated by the late Barbara Bush reading her husband’s letter about their daughter Robin who lost her battle with leukemia at age 3, I got choked up on tv.”

She concluded, “Today i was a human.”

Justin Baragona

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