Trump Wanders Off G20 Stage, Mutters ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ While Awkwardness Ensues

Trump Wanders Off G20 Stage, Mutters ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ While Awkwardness Ensues

Yet another moment of the president randomly walking away during the middle of his ceremonial duties has gone viral.

During his trip to this year’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires, President Donald Trump was standing with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri for a photo op on a large stage when he decided he was done and just decided to wander off after shaking Macri’s hand and taking a couple of pictures.

This left Macri just standing around awkwardly while an aide rushed across the stage, attempting to get the president to come back as Trump was supposed to stick around for a group photo with the rest of the G20 leaders. Meanwhile, Trump was picked up on a hot mic muttering “get me out of here” while the gathered press began laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Of course, this has become par for the course for this president. There’s the time he wandered away from Bibi Netanyahu as the Israeli Prime Minister waited to shake hands following a press conference. Or the numerous times he’s left at a signing event before actually signing the executive order. And let us not forget when he just wandered around a tarmac and had to be led back to his motorcade.

Watch the clip above, via The Guardian.

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