WATCH: Fox News Anchors’ First Reaction To Trump’s Insane Presser Is To Attack Jim Acosta

WATCH: Fox News Anchors’ First Reaction To Trump’s Insane Presser Is To Attack Jim Acosta

So it looks like we know how Fox News is going to play the president’s combative and delusional post-midterm press conference in which he repeatedly insulted the media, called them the “enemy of the people,” taunted Republican House members who lost their races for not embracing him enough, portrayed the GOP loss of the House as a rousing success, and called a well-respected African-American journalist racist.

Attack CNN’s Jim Acosta, that’s how.

Breaking away from the hour-and-a-half presser, anchor Harris Faulkner told her viewers that they had just seen the president talk about “how much better the tone in the country can get.”

“He says it starts with the media, there were definitely some tense moments, one of which is going viral right now that involved a reporter at a different network and a woman who was passing the microphone around for questioning as part of her job,” she added, referencing Acosta’s tense exchange with Trump that featured a White House staffer trying to tear away Acosta’s microphone. “We will get to that later.”

Faulkner then turned to Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, seen as something of an elder statesmen and a shining example of Fox News’ ‘hard news’ division. And his first reaction was to go after the CNN chief White House correspondent.

“This was an extraordinary performance, it was classic Trump,” Wallace noted. “You saw all the notes he can play, he’s combative at times, he got into a fight with Jim Acosta at CNN, I thought Acosta’s behavior was shameful.”

Faulkner interjected, asking Wallace if he had seen the “video with that woman” as it “was tough to watch,” seemingly implying that Acosta had gotten physical with the staffer grabbing at the microphone. (He did not. He just refused to immediately let go of the microphone until he was finished asking his question.)

After claiming he’s “never seen anything like it,” Wallace concluded by saying that “most of the people there were serious reporters asking serious questions but Jim Acosta, I thought, embarrassed himself today.”

It should be noted that besides personally insulting Acosta and CNN during Acosta’s questions and calling him a “rude, terrible person,” the president also told the reporter he was the “enemy of the people” after Acosta tried to get a response from him about the pipe bombs that were sent to CNN by a Trump superfan.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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