John Oliver Mocks Chris Cuomo’s Instagram: A ‘Thirstpit’ Desperate For Approval

John Oliver Mocks Chris Cuomo’s Instagram: A ‘Thirstpit’ Desperate For Approval

John Oliver spent some time last night discussing Instagram, and particularly cable news personalities’ use of the social media site. Oliver took particular aim at CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, devoting much of the segment on Last Week Tonight to Cuomo’s photos and videos.

“The single greatest cable news Instagrammer — and I do not mean that as a compliment — has to be CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who is constantly posting videos with fun peaks behind the scenes of his show,” Oliver said.

Oliver showed a montage of clips from Cuomo’s account, including one where he was having his makeup done and one where he was doing hand stand push ups.

“Now, I guess we should all just stay tuned while Chris Cuomo fights the news,” Oliver said. “And at this point you may be wondering who is holding the camera there? Well, if it’s anything like his other workplace videos, the answer is his poor, poor producer Rose.”

The show then showed another montage of clips featuring Cuomo and his producer, Rose. Cuomo repeatedly said Rose’s name in an obnoxious way before blowing her kisses.

“Congratulations everyone, I think we just got to first base of sexual harassment with Chris Cuomo,” Oliver said.

“But the oddest feature of Chris Cuomo’s Instagram is just videos of him working out,” Oliver said. “There are many, many videos of him lifting, sweating, and grunting. And look, far be it from me to judge Chris Cuomo. His triceps are wider than my entire body. But something about his thirstpit of an Instagram feels a little desperate for approval, no more so than with his constant efforts to get his catchphrase to happen.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.