‘Fauxcahontas’: Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Mocks Elizabeth Warren Over Heritage Claims

‘Fauxcahontas’: Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Mocks Elizabeth Warren Over Heritage Claims

Much of Monday’s cable news cycle centered on the release of DNA evidence and a short family video by Senator Elizabeth Warren showing that she likely has a trace amount of Native American heritage. The Democratic lawmaker and potential 2020 presidential candidate used the results to tweak President Donald Trump over his promise to donate a million dollars to charity if she took a DNA test, something he initially denied saying.

During his Monday night primetime program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson decided to weigh in on the story by rattling off a whole slew of slurs and ethnic-based jokes to mock the Massachusetts senator.

“Fauxcahontas is on the warpath this evening,” the conservative commentator began. “For decades, as you know, the senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, has claimed to be an American Indian. Now, she did this to advance her career, and it worked. Harvard Law School once boasted that Warren was the first women of color to ever serve on their faculty. A woman of color.”

It should be noted that the Boston Globe reported that any claims of American Indian ancestry never played any role in Warren’s rise in academia or law.

After saying Warren played the victim of racial discrimination, Tucker snarked that she had her “own Trail of Tears,” referencing the forced relocation of Native American tribes from the southeastern United States to Oklahoma.

“Well, as it turned out, old Lie-watha couldn’t come up with a single, not one American Indian in her family tree, the rest of the country laughed at her, and rightly so,” Tucker added.

He went on to say that Warren was the one mocking Native Americans, not Trump, and that she was more ruthless than any “High Plains whiskey trader.” Carlson also threw out a few more choice Indian-based jibes, such as “Fake-ajawea” and “Fraud-azuma” while continuing to claim that she was only hired by Harvard because she claimed Native American ancestry.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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