Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Brushes Off Kanye’s Oval Office F-Bomb: ‘Did You Forget The Blue Dress?’

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Brushes Off Kanye’s Oval Office F-Bomb: ‘Did You Forget The Blue Dress?’

In your latest edition of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo defended rap megastar Kanye West’s expletive-filled rant in the Oval Office on Thursday by reminding her guest that President Bill Clinton got a BJ in that same office.

During a Fox Biz panel discussion on West’s indescribable meeting with the president that left even Trump speechless, Bartiromo took the position that many Trump-boosting conservative media personalities have taken in its aftermath — she painted the off-the-rails spectacle as a positive while railing against the liberal reaction to the meeting.

At the start of the segment, Fox News political commentator Juan Williams noted that while it was “demeaning” to the office for West to casually toss out “motherfucker,” the bigger picture here was that Trump “is looking for a black friend.” That way, he can tell voters that he isn’t racist, pointing to the “one black person that you know that I know and he’s here and he’s cover for me.”

Williams went on to say that Trump’s racist rhetoric causes African-Americans to pass on meeting with him, leading Bartiromo to ask “why does he have to do anything,” adding that the unemployment rate for African-Americans is at a record low. Williams responded that while the black unemployment rate has continued to drop under Trump, it went from 17 percent to eight percent under President Obama.

After some more back-and-forth among the panel on the substance of West’s soliloquy, with Bartiromo bringing up that West went after “antagonistic” liberals, the segment wrapped up with some more discussion about West’s language.

“We all have to agree that the way he spoke in the White House yesterday,” one panelist said. “Swearing in the White House was incredibly disrespectful.”

Well, Bartiromo wanted everyone to remember something even more lurid happened in that office after fellow panelist Mike Murphy snarked that “nothing else has ever happened” there.

“In the Oval Office, excuse me. The blue dress — did you forget the blue dress?!” Bartiromo exclaimed, bringing up Monica Lewinsky’s infamous semen-stained garment. “You’re not offended by the blue dress?”

Libs, consider yourselves owned.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to see the 180 that has occurred within the Conservative Entertainment Complex when it comes to rappers. During the Obama years, Fox News lambasted the president for inviting hip-hop artists to the White House while regularly using rappers as foils and targets. And let’s not forget that our current president criticized Obama and Hillary Clinton numerous times for meeting and campaigning with Jay-Z.

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business.

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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