Trump: I’m Doing Things For African-Americans The Democrats Never Did

The President suggested that Democrats could lose African-American support because of him

President Donald Trump believes Democrats no longer enjoy certain support from African-American voters. Speaking to Fox News’ Shannon Bream, Trump said that he was delivering results for black Americans and suggest that they may vote for Republicans in the midterms.

Bream asked Trump about Kanye West, who is visiting the White House on Thursday. Trump veered off into a discussion of former NFL player Jim Brown, whom Trump claimed is also coming to visit him. He then returned to the topic of African-American employment.

“You know, when you look at the unemployment, it’s the best in the history of our country, black unemployment is at the lowest level ever in history. You look at median income for African-American. It’s at the best ever been in the history of our country,” Trump said.

“I mean, I’m doing things for the African-Americans that have never been done by the Democrats and as you know, the Democrats really have had that vote. They’ve had that vote locked up. It’s not so locked up anymore, you know, because I’m producing numbers that they were never able to produce. ”

“I could name many other great black stars and athletes that are on our side. You know who they are and you report about them. We have a lot of support. We have a tremendous amount of support and it’s gaining all the time because I’m producing.”

“When you look at numbers like that, when it’s the best in the history of our country, how can somebody fight that?” Trump said.

African-Americans are a key voter demographic for Democrats and are expected to be a major influence on the upcoming midterm elections, particularly in close races and in the southern states.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.