Donald Trump Attacks John McCain Again For His Obamacare Vote

Donald Trump Attacks John McCain Again For His Obamacare Vote

President Donald Trump criticized the late Senator John McCain last night on Fox News. Speaking to Shannon Bream, the President talked about the Democrats’ plan for healthcare and made a clear reference to McCain, though he didn’t name him.

Bream asked Trump about medicare for all and his attacks on the Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders has accused Trump of lying about the viability of Medicare for all. Trump revisited talking points he’s been making for several days.

“If you do what he [Sanders] says, you’re not going to have a country and you are going to have Venezuela and you’re going to have to lift up your taxes by three times,” Trump said. “You know, we’ve been cutting taxes and we’re giving great — we are giving great health care plans. We just came out with another concept of a plan today that a lot of people are liking very much. And we are — we are doing a real job.”

“And, you know, we got rid of the individual mandate that people hated which was horrible. It was the Obama plan and Obamacare. We are also keeping the premiums down at a much lower level than they ever were in the Obama administration. ”

“And we had it beat other than one senator, or you could put it differently,” Trump said. “One senator late in the evening happen to vote against it, shockingly even though he campaigned for 10 — for eight years against it.”

Trump had repeatedly criticized McCain while he was alive but it was hoped that he would be respectful following the veteran senator’s death. However, the President very quickly returned to his criticism and he is apparently not finished with McCain yet.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.