Trump: I Mocked Christine Blasey Ford Because ‘I Had To Even The Playing Field’

Trump: I Mocked Christine Blasey Ford Because ‘I Had To Even The Playing Field’

Following yet another MAGA campaign rally on Saturday night, President Donald Trump called into Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show for a live on-air interview. And after the loyal Trump booster congratulated the president on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Trump boasted that his mockery of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford helped Kavanaugh “sail through” to the Supreme Court.

“You know, Mr. President, you have a very uncanny instinct,” Pirro told Trump during their call. “You have a gut sense of things. And you were very disciplined after Christine Ford came out and the left was going wacky.

She continued, “But there was one point where you pivoted at a rally in Mississippi just a few days ago. You went off script. And some people said you were extremely unkind to Christine Ford. But what was it that got you to pivot from your restraint about her, and to fight for Kavanaugh at that point?”

The president replied that there were “a lot of things happening that weren’t correct, they weren’t true, and there were a lot of things that were left unsaid.”

“I thought I had to even the playing field, because it was very unfair to the judge,” he added. “And now I can very nicely say Justice Kavanaugh.”

Trump went on to say that it was a “very unfair situation” and that once he evened the playing field Kavanaugh’s confirmation “started to sail through.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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