WATCH: Alt-Right Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Can’t Name A Single Black Leader Who Supports Him

WATCH: Alt-Right Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Can’t Name A Single Black Leader Who Supports Him

A week after calling Rev. Al Sharpton a “race hustler” who is obsessed with slavery, Virginia Republican Senate nominee Corey Stewart appeared on MSNBC Saturday morning for Round 2 — and it went as well as you would have thought.

At one point in a three-way conversation between Stewart, Sharpton and political commentator Toure, Reverend Al pressed the GOP politician — who has deep ties to white nationalists and the alt-right — to name one black leader who supported his candidacy. And the pro-Confederacy Republican couldn’t come up with a single one, despite being given numerous opportunities.

“Well, I’ll tell you, you know, I’m not going to go out there and name some individuals,” Stewart responded when Sharpton pressed him on the point the first time.

After Stewart said he wasn’t going to “drop their names” while insisting he had ample black support, the civil rights activist attempted to draw out the name of one supporter.

“You tell me all these people you talk to — name me three black leaders,” Sharpton declared. “Heck, name me one that’s supporting you, since you have this great record. You have this great record, it would seem to me that since you had this great record and blacks you say have voted for you over and over again, there has to be some black leadership in Virginia that knows about your great record and they’re supporting you for the Senate. Name them. You’re on national television.”

Stewart reacted by laughing and telling Sharpton that he was “stuck in the 1960s,” causing the MSNBC host to fire back and note that they are talking about the 2018 Senate race and Stewart is claiming he has had many black people vote for him over the years. He added that this was the third time he had asked Stewart to name a single black leader who supports him.

“You know, I don’t think like you do,” Stewart replied. “You think top-down.”

“I’m not thinking top-down,” Sharpton shot back. “I’m giving you bottom-up. Give me bottom-up black leader. Give me a bottom-up black leader.”

“You’re so obsessed with race, reverend, it’s unbelievable,” the Trump-supported alt-righter stated. “The country has moved on. You’re stuck in a different time.”

And with that, Sharpton turned to Toure and said that “if you ask them to put a face on what they represent, then we’re obsessed with race,” adding that Stewart was the one who claimed blacks in this country love him.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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