Joe Scarborough: Chris Collins’ Arrest Shows Trump Is Still In The Swamp

The MSNBC host suggested the Trump administration is struggling with corruption
Image: YouTube/MSNBC

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough criticized President Donald Trump’s administration for allegations of corruption that continue to emerge. Just yesterday, Congressman Chris Collins was arrested on suspicion of securities fraud and insider trading involving his son. Collins was the first Republican member of Congress to endorse Trump.

Scarborough highlighted a number of scandals, including allegations of tax fraud against former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and accusations of graft against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Former EPA head Scott Pruitt resigned following revelations about lavish spending.

“Talk about the swamp.” Scarborough said. “It’s now up to Trump’s neck.”

“There is such a culture of corruption there. Somebody yesterday said that Collins had to feel picked on when you had Wilbur Ross, in their words, doing insider trading at a pace … the guy thought he only had two weeks to live.”

“There is just a culture of corruption and, as they say, the fish rots from the head,” Scarborough said.

The show went on to highlight how Trump’s family is still benefiting financially from their position. Congressman Collins has refused to end his attempts to win re-election in November.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.