Jay Sekulow On His False Claims That Trump Didn’t Dictate Don Jr Statement: ‘I Had Bad Information’

Jay Sekulow On His False Claims That Trump Didn’t Dictate Don Jr Statement: ‘I Had Bad Information’

Appearing on ABC News’ This Week, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow echoed colleague Rudy Giuliani when giving an excuse regarding his false claims last year surrounding the misleading statement released in Donald Trump Jr’s name that said the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting was about Russian adoption.

With President Trump beginning his Sunday by essentially admitting the meeting arranged by son with a Russian lawyer was attempted collusion, host George Stephanopoulos pressed Sekulow early on about collusion and Trump Jr. trying to gather Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton. This led to Stephanopoulos asking Sekulow about his repeated lies that Trump wasn’t involved in dictating his son’s initial statement on the meeting, something the Trump legal team has since reversed course on.

“Why did you deny president trump’s involvement?” the ABC News host pressed. “When did you learn that the denial wasn’t true?”

“Number one as you know, George, I was in the case at that point a couple of weeks and there was a lot of information being gathered,” Sekulow responded. “As my colleague Rudy Giuliani said, I had bad information at that point. I made a mistake in my statement. I talked about that before. That happens when you have cases like this.”

He continued, “As far as when did we correct it, the important part is the information that we’ve shared with the office of special counsel. I’m not going to get into the details but we were very clear as to the situation involving that trip and the statements that were made to the New York Times. So I think it’s very important to point out that in a situation like this you have over time facts develop. That’s what investigations do.”

Shortly after news of the Trump Tower meeting was made public last July, Sekulow made several television appearances in which he said the president had no involvement at all with his son’s statement, calling reports that Trump dictated the statement “misinformed” and “inaccurate.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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