Fox’s Neil Cavuto: Trump’s Performance At Putin Presser ‘Disgusting,’ It ‘Sets Us Back A Lot’

Fox’s Neil Cavuto: Trump’s Performance At Putin Presser ‘Disgusting,’ It ‘Sets Us Back A Lot’

What we witnessed on Monday is going to be next to impossible to spin positively in President Donald Trump’s favor. And Fox host Neil Cavuto wasn’t even interested in trying.

Following Trump’s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which POTUS said he didn’t “see any reason why” Russian would have meddled in the 2016 presidential election while stating that Putin was “extremely strong in his denial,” Cavuto unleashed on the president for setting the United States seriously back with his performance.

After his Fox Business guest said the presser was the place for Trump to look Putin in the eye and say he will be punished for what he did in 2016 and Russia better not do it again, Cavuto responded that Trump didn’t do that and that is “what made it disgusting.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s the only way I feel,” he continued. “It’s not a right-left thing for me. It’s just wrong.”

Cavuto went on to note that we just saw a US president on foreign soil let out biggest adversary “get away with it” while not “even offering a mild criticism.”

“That sets us back a lot!” Cavuto added.

Watch the clip below, via Fox Business.

Justin Baragona

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