CNN’s Bakari Sellers Blows Up Over Kennedy Retirement: ‘I’m Pissed Off With Bernie Sanders’

CNN’s Bakari Sellers Blows Up Over Kennedy Retirement: ‘I’m Pissed Off With Bernie Sanders’

Bakari Sellers just let it rip Wednesday night.

During a CNN panel discussion on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement, the liberal CNN political commentator let everyone know that he was mad with just about everyone over the fact that President Donald Trump is going to be able to insert another conservative justice on the Supreme Court bench.

“I was having a conversation with my colleague today,” Sellers stated. “And she came in the office and said ‘Bakari, we’re screwed.’ And I said no, you’re incorrect. We’re not screwed. We’re actually screwed for generations.”

After stating that Kennedy was the only thing standing in the way of the abolishment of Roe V. Wade and was the reason we have affirmative action in this country, the former South Carolina state lawmaker blew up on both Republicans and Democrats for placing us in this current position.

“Tonight, I’m extremely pissed off,” he declared. “I’m pissed off with Bernie Sanders. I’m pissed off with Mitch McConnell. I’m pissed off with every single Democrat that decided they weren’t going to vote in 2016.”

Sellers continued, “I’m pissed off with the fact that the Republican Party did something by sacrificing all the norms of the United States Senate, something they hadn’t done in 150-plus years. And now we have to reap what we’ve sowed.”

Anchor Don Lemon noticed conservative CNN political commentator Scott Jennings laughing it up and wearing a shit-eating grin, telling him he “needed a napkin” because he was “drooling so much.” Jennings said he was going to take former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a “nice fruit basket” because he changed the Senate rules in 2013 and triggered the so-called “nuclear option” for federal judicial appointments.

“Thank you, Harry, for making America great again,” Jennings gloated, even though Sellers said that Reid’s rule wasn’t for Supreme Court nominees.

“Scott, that’s fine,” Sellers shot back. “Throw Harry Reid into the same category. I’m pissed off at everybody right now. Right now we have people not in the United States Senate, people not sitting on panels on CNN who are going to suffer because of it.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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