There Is No Point Anymore To Writing About Trump’s Inappropriateness As President

There Is No Point Anymore To Writing About Trump’s Inappropriateness As President

I wanted to write an article about Donald Trump’s latest offenses against objectivity, truth, and the idealistic history of the United States, but what’s the point?

Writing about Donald Trump is writing a laundry list of civic offenses, repeating “this is wrong, this is a lie, this is a demonstrable falsehood, that is wrong, there’s another lie, etc.” ad nauseam. Reporting on Donald Trump’s scandals has become the most tedious, Sisyphean copywriting in the literary world.

It used to be fun calling out Republican lies and mistruths before Trump came along, like in past elections and primaries, but that was because most Republicans at least would eventually try to go to sleep at night and could be shamed by public disapproval. The 2016 Republican primary had been great fun until the gauntlet of emotions encapsulated in hubristic, schadenfreude-full glee of Trump’s Republican nomination culminated in the despair of his election victory. The circus of the post-Obama GOP got out of control, and a plurality of conservatives picked the only primary candidate who did not have at least a little overlap with reality.

Trump’s victory was a sucker punch to the Left’s kidney that lasted through the dark winter months of early 2017 until the various people’s protests demonstrated resistance and offered hope with the Trump crew’s apparent incompetence of rolling out legislative efforts and executive orders, but fast forward a year and a half into Trump’s Presidency to the present, and Trump has figured out the reigns of American bureaucracy in order to inflict real, lasting damage to America.

And it’s all mind-boggling stupid. Trump last week started a trade war with Canada with a self-pitying Twitter bitch fest about Justin Trudeau. CANADA. Our step-brother country so twin-like that Americans can’t even know when our favorite cultural icons were born and raised there rather than here. America and Canada share the longest land border in the entire world, and it is the most peaceful border in human history. Canada is practically the yin to America’s yang, and Donald Trump justifying a US-Canadian trade war as a matter of national security. Mind-bogglingly stupid.

Besides Canada, Trump’s other totalitarian targets include our liberal democracy allies in Europe, like France and Germany. It pains writers to have to find words to describe such an idiotic foreign policy, though there is no more tedious task in the world than an economist explaining why trade wars are not easy to win and will not be good for America, despite what Trump claims. He is an ignoramus neophyte, a dotard, and a Russian patsy to top it all off—oh man, I started a list of Trump crimes against reality even when I was trying not to!

It’s just obvious now that Trump should not have been elected. Trump’s actions conclusively and breathtakingly prove that Donald Trump is dismantling America’s global political hegemony for Russian gain. Vladimir Putin bought Trump, and has been funding the various self-destructive nationalist movements across Europe to convince Europeans to dismantle NATO, the EU, and the American geopolitical, financial, and cultural hegemony. I regret to admit that American conservatives have most enthusiastically taken Russia’s nation-dividing bait with their passionate support of Trump’s cultish nationalism.

Meanwhile, Trump is calling for Russia to be let back into the G8, and every day is a new obstruction of justice effort from the Trump White House to hide the epic conflict of interest of Russian money-laundering that Mueller is investigating. And he’s starting concentration camps for Latin American children. His continued presidency is an existential threat to American democracy, and conservatives don’t mind because they got a Supreme Court seat. Republican idealism in politics and government is dead, and it very obviously has nothing left but lip service to a puppet president. The Grand Old Party is no more. The Party of Trump just uses its stationary.

The American people cannot quite be blamed on account of Trump losing the popular vote and because half of us don’t vote at all—but Trump, in our name, is ending American greatness before our eyes. He is choking the Constitution and our nation’s existential soul as a liberal democracy with his wannabe dictator fists, and there is nothing left to write regarding the Trump Presidency other than that it is the stupidest, most willfully destructive thing to ever happen in American history.

Hopefully, it doesn’t last much longer.


(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

Dash MacIntyre

Dash MacIntyre

Dash MacIntyre is a Millennial political columnist from St. Louis. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Halfway Post, a satirical gazette of angrily halfway real news.