Right-Wing Radio Host: There’s Nothing ‘That Black People Have Gone Into And Made Better’

Right-Wing Radio Host: There’s Nothing ‘That Black People Have Gone Into And Made Better’

Jesse Lee Peterson, a far-right radio host who occasionally appears on Fox News and other outlets when hosts need a black man to rail against other blacks, declared last week on his radio show that he can’t think of “one thing” that “black people have gone into and made better.”

Lashing out against NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality, Peterson insisted that racism and other bigotry doesn’t actually exist in America. He then went on to hammer black communities and state unequivocally that black people ruin everything they touch.

“I can’t think of one thing in this country, one location, one community, one event that black people have gone into and made better,” Peterson exclaimed. “But I can tell thousands of things that they have gone into and destroyed.”

Peterson then used that point to argue that African Americans are now ruining football and are being used to destroy the sport (and pretty much everything else).

Later on in his program, Peterson talked about how it makes him “tremble ion his boots” anytime he hears that white people won’t be the majority in this country in the future because he knows that blacks and others are “going to turn this place into a ghetto.”

Watch the clip above, via Right Wing Watch.

Justin Baragona

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