John Harwood Expresses Concern For Trump’s Mental Well-Being: ‘He Did Not Look Well To Me’

The CNBC correspondent was reacting to the president's impromptu and off-the-rails G7 press conference.

This is going to get a reaction in the conservative media universe.

Immediately following President Donald Trump’s wild impromptu G7 press conference that featured POTUS trashing his predecessors and the US press, CNBC editor at large John Harwood appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy to discuss. And Harwood suggested that the president may not be all there right now.

“I’ll be honest, as a citizen I’m concerned about the president’s state of mind,” Harwood told host Joy Reid. “He did not look well to me in that press conference.”

He continued, “He was not speaking logically or rationally. I don’t think those things are true, and there’s something about his affect which was oddly kind of languid from him. I don’t know what it means, but he did not look well to me.”

Later in the segment, MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance would state that the president came across like “Mad King Donald.”

There is no way these comments aren’t going to gain traction among Trump’s defenders at Fox News and the conservative blogosphere. We can already hear the Hannity monologue.

See Harwood’s comments above, via MSNBC.


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