MSNBC’s Steph Ruhle On Scott Pruitt: ‘At Least It’s Not The Mattress From A Hotel Room In Russia’

Oh my!

Over the past few days, embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt found himself embroiled in yet another controversy. This one involves him using a top aide as a personal assistant and tasking her with finding him an apartment and procuring an old mattress from the Trump International Hotel. Yeah, for realz.

On Tuesday morning, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle had a bit of fun with this story by referencing another mattress associated with Donald Trump.

Tossing it to break while hyping up an upcoming story on Pruitt, Ruhle told viewers to forget about his $40,000 soundproof booth because “we’re learning about a new item that’s on Scott Pruitt’s wish list.”

She continued, “Why on earth would he want an old used Trump hotel mattress? At least it’s not the mattress from a hotel room in Russia.”

Yep. Ruhle just made a pee tape joke. And it is more than likely that everyone watching got the reference. These are the times we live in, folks.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.


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