Remember When Pete Hegseth Flipped Out Over Media’s Coverage Of Kim Jong Un’s Sister?

Remember When Pete Hegseth Flipped Out Over Media’s Coverage Of Kim Jong Un’s Sister?

On Wednesday morning, Fox News host and informal Trump adviser Pete Hegseth soft-peddled brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s murderous treatment of his population, stating that Kim’s love of basketball and western culture means he “probably doesn’t love” having to “murder his people all day long.”

Hegseth’s seeming embrace of Kim comes in the wake of President Donald Trump’s public 180 regarding the North Korean leader. After spending more than a year lobbing insults at Kim while calling him “Little Rocket Man,” the president impetuously agreed to a summit between the two leaders back in March, leading to the president suddenly changing tact and describing the dictator in glowing terms. (For instance, after three American prisoners were released by North Korea, Trump thanked Kim for being “excellent” to the former captives.)

Meanwhile, Republicans and Trump’s media defenders have leveraged the upcoming summit talks — a meeting that is currently in peril — to praise the president’s foreign policy skills and crow that he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. This has also led many of them to soften their rhetoric towards North Korea and Kim, like what we saw with Hegseth today.

But it wasn’t that long ago when Hegseth and others were completely outraged over their belief that the mainstream media was falling for North Korea’s propaganda and fawning over Kim’s sister. As you may recall, a number of media outlets described Kim Yo Jong as “the Ivanka Trump of North Korea” while stating she was “stealing the show” at the Winter Olympics this past February. This resulted in countless Fox News segments and thinkpieces railing against the MSM for its positive coverage of the North Korean leader’s sister — despite Fox doing the same thing — including a Fox and Friends one in which Hegseth lashed out at the “Hate Trump media.”

During the February 11th broadcast of the morning opinion show, Hegseth took issue with comparing Ivanka and Kim, stating that the president’s daughter is “in the White House working for paid leave and tax cuts.”

He continued, “This is what she’s complicit in, in the White House? Whereas the sister of Kim Jong Un, whether she wanted to be or not, complicit in the murderous starvation regime of her brother who suppresses her people to seek nuclear weapons to threaten the entire world. I don’t know if she’s happy or not. I hope she defects.”

Hegseth wrapped up his thoughts on the whole matter by taking aim at the press, saying it was “amazing” that the Never Trump — the Hate Trump media will find every angle it can, it’s unbelievable.”

Fast-forward a few months, and now we see Hegseth describing Kim Jong Un as just an average dude who “probably wants some normalization” and really doesn’t want to murder his own people, and that we should give him what he wants if it “makes the world safer.”


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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