S.E. Cupp Rips Sarah Sanders For Claiming Democrats Are Waging A ‘War On Trump Women’

S.E. Cupp Rips Sarah Sanders For Claiming Democrats Are Waging A ‘War On Trump Women’

Monday brought the swearing in of the CIA’s first female director, Gina Haspel. And at the beginning of the day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to Twitter to make the claim that Haspel taking charge of the CIA showed that “Democrats are losing their war against women in the Trump administration.”

Sanders’ tweet brings up one big question — who are these Democrats that are waging their own personal War on Women, Trump Edition?

At the top of her HLN program Monday, S.E. Cupp addressed the press secretary’s tweet and noted that Sanders is not only pushing straight-up fiction by claiming Dems are taking aim at Trump admin women simply because they’re women but also that the White House flack is going against conservative principles by playing identity politics.

“First things first,” Cupp declared. “There is no Democratic war on Trump women. Every Democrat I’ve talked to feels sorry for women in the Trump White House. That’s in part because women like Sarah Sanders are failing to protect women in Trump’s White House.”

The conservative host went on to point out that Sanders and others made women in the Trump administration unsafe by defending men like ex-White House staffer and accused wife-beater Rob Porter.

Cupp then took issue with Sanders once again making Haspel’s selection for CIA director all about Haspel being a woman, asking why that was even brought up if Haspel was the “most qualified person for the job.” She added that Democratic women not supporting Haspel but advocating for women’s empowerment isn’t hypocritical, stating it’s “at worst partisan but at best principled.”

She finished her monologue with this flourish:

“I’m sick of it. Of all the things this White House has done to offend the conservative heart and mind, this particularly offends mine. Pitting women against each other, pitting our identities against our ideologies, and playing the woman card just because you have one is not conservative. This is explicitly the kind of thing we conservatives have spent decades railing against the left for.

Since the invention of identity politics, it has been the conservative stake in the ground that that is bad. It’s bad for the people it’s meant to help. It’s bad for politics in general. and it’s bad for the nation. Yes, it’s also bad for women. So it’s particularly bad now coming from a Republican administration and a woman in a top position in an official capacity. This kind of weaponizing of identity politics that Sarah seems to love to engage in is just odious and generally awful. So stop doing it. Stop doing it right now!”

Cupp would follow this up by discussing this topic with Democratic strategist Christine Quinn, noting that the two finding much to agree on here made them “strange bedfellows.”

Watch the clip above, via HLN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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