Santa Fe Shooting Survivor Tells MSNBC She’s ‘Never Going Back To That School’

Santa Fe Shooting Survivor Tells MSNBC She’s ‘Never Going Back To That School’

Another day, another mass shooting at an American school resulting in multiple casualties.

17-year-old student Dimitrios Pagourtzis was taken into custody following a massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas that left at least ten people dead and ten more wounded. Another student has also been taken into custody, possibly as an accomplice to Pagourtzis.

The shooting spree occurred around 7:45 AM local time, which was the start of the school day, and students described a chaotic scene as alarms were going off and people were running the halls. One of those students, 16-year-old Dakota Schrader, spoke to MSNBC’s Brian Williams Friday afternoon. And she said definitively that she won’t return to Santa Fe as a student.

Bringing up the Parkland shooting, Shrader let Williams know how scared she was to go to school after that tragedy, and that it now blows her mind that this occurred at her school.

“Like why did this happen?!” Schrader charged. “We should have took our procedures in place which our school never trained us. They never took the time to actually teach us a procedure for school shootings like they would for hurricanes or anything.”

Williams went on to ask Schrader her thoughts about the gunman after learning his identity. She wondered aloud how he was able to get inside the school with a duffel bag and a shotgun, again noting that this situation blew her mind.

“Do you think you guys will go back for the remainder of the time you have?” Williams asked. “Or do you think the next time you see the school will be in August or September?”

“I’m never going back to that school. Ever,” the student exclaimed. “And I hope that the school doesn’t open up, because it’s just very upsetting that people — our friends and our classmates that we’ve been with all these years of our lives seen getting shot. And my friends witnessing other friends getting shot. It’s just not even safe anymore.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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