Crossfire Redux? Avenatti Claims He Has ‘No Interest’ In Rumored Mooch Show ‘Right Now’

Crossfire Redux? Avenatti Claims He Has ‘No Interest’ In Rumored Mooch Show ‘Right Now’

What have we done to deserve this?

It looks like cable news’ recent strategy of “All Avenatti, All The Time” might lead us to a Crossfire-style show starring another ubiquitous media personality. As first reported by the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC have been pitched a television program featuring Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti and short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

“The prominent television agent Jay Sures discussed with executives at CNN and MSNBC the concept of a program where the two men would square off, according to three people briefed on the issue. Both have become frequent cable network guests — Mr. Avenatti as one of Mr. Trump’s greatest antagonists, and Mr. Scaramucci as a loyalist to the president even after flaming out after less than two weeks at the White House.”

In recent weeks, Avenatti has been omnipresent on CNN and MSNBC, appearing over 100 times since March. He has defended the frequent TV hits, noting that it is part of his strategy in his client’s legal fight against President Donald Trump and Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen. Meanwhile, he has taken more than a fair bit of criticism from across the media and political spectrum, something he’s responded to recently with threats to reporters and outlets.

Avenatti said earlier this month that he’d been approached by multiple networks on the possibility of hosting his own show, but claimed at the time he was “not seriously entertaining any of those ideas.” He doubled down on that with a Thursday afternoon tweet.

Scaramucci, following his brief 11-day (or is it 10?) tenure in the White House, has kept his name from fading with numerous cable and talk show appearances. He is currently writing a book (natch) and has told associates he is returning to his investment firm.

MSNBC declined to comment for this story while CNN hadn’t responded back prior to publication. We also reached out to Scaramucci and Avenatti and will update if we hear back.

Justin Baragona

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