Michael Avenatti Continues Feud With Tucker Carlson, Claims Fox News Host Is ‘Lying’

Michael Avenatti Continues Feud With Tucker Carlson, Claims Fox News Host Is ‘Lying’

Earlier this week, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took some personal pot shots at Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti by calling him a “creepy porn lawyer” whose “eyes are too close together.” This resulted in Avenatti firing back on Twitter, describing the conservative commentator as a six-year-old who should be taken seriously because of his “mop hair.”

As expected, this resulted in Carlson using his Friday night program to respond. During a segment devoted to taking down the attorney, Tucker called out Avenatti for declining an invite to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight while again tossing out juvenile jabs.

Per Mediaite’s write-up:

““It’s a lot of CNN and MSNBC and we thought we would add a little diversity to his media diet,” Carlson told his viewers. “So we invited the creepy porn lawyer onto this show. We called his office- or what he said was his office. It may have been a booth at a Wendy’s in Passaic, maybe a White Castle- you never know. In any case, he turned us down flat. Too bad. Would have been fun. Maybe when Jeff Zucker tires of him over at CNN, he will reconsider our offer. That won’t be long. We’d enjoy it.””

Well, it didn’t take long for Avenatti to return fire.

In an early Saturday morning tweet, the media-addicted lawyer insisted that Carlson was being dishonest about the invite. Attaching a copy of an email from Tucker’s booker, Avenatti stated that he was invited to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, not Friday, and didn’t hear back after he responded that he wasn’t able to do Tucker’s program at that time.

The email response that Avenatti shared shows him saying he’d be available for Sean Hannity’s program, something he’s been insisting on for weeks now. Besides declining an invite on Tucker’s program, he’s also waved off a request from fell Fox News primetime star Laura Ingraham to appear on her show, explaining that he’s holding out for Hannity. Meanwhile, Hannity has smacked down Avenatti’s offer to come on his program.

Justin Baragona

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