What’s Going On Here? Kellyanne Conway Unfollows Fox News And Lou Dobbs On Twitter

What’s Going On Here? Kellyanne Conway Unfollows Fox News And Lou Dobbs On Twitter

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had herself quite a morning on Saturday.

Early in the AM, the veteran pollster — or someone with access to her Twitter account — went on a mass unfollow/follow spree. And the accounts the veteran pollster decided to no longer pay attention to definitely raised some eyebrows.

Per the Twitter bot @TrumpAlert, which tracks the activity of a number of Trump-related Twitter accounts, Conway’s account unfollowed Fox Business host/Trump sycophant Lou Dobbs, the president’s favorite news network Fox News and MAGA celebrity Bill Mitchell.

Aside from these curious unfollows, Conway’s account followed some reporters and figures that would definitely not be the first one would think a White House official and Trump mouthpiece would want to hear from on a daily basis, such as former prosecutor Renato Mariotti, Ben Wittes’ Lawfare, Russiagate mass tweeter Seth Abramson and Atlantic reporter Natasha Bertrand.

So what’s going on here? Did Kellyanne’s husband — who continues to make waves over his anti-Trump tweets — get a hold of her phone? Did she forget to switch up her password after Twitter urged everyone to make that change following an internal leak? Did she just get tired of too much Trump apologism in her Twitter feed?

Who knows, but hours later the senior White House aide decided to unfollow a couple of her new follows while going on another mass follow spree — this time going after accounts that seem to make a bit more sense for a Trump advisor.

Interestingly, at the time of publication, it appeared Kellyanne hadn’t re-followed Dobbs — who has interviewed her multiple times in the past — or Fox News, which as we all know she appears on frequently.

Justin Baragona

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