Rudy Giuliani Just Proved That ‘The President Lies’ Is An Objective Truth

It has become objective fact that President Donald Trump is a liar.

In April, President Donald Trump stood in an Air Force One doorway and told the media and the American people he did not know about his attorney Michael Cohen’s payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels.

That was a lie. The following is a transcript of his conversation:



Mr. President, did you know about the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels?


No. No. What else?


Then why did Michael Cohen make those if there was no truth to her allegations?


Well, you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney. And you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen.


Do you know where he got the money to make that payment?


No, I don’t know. No.


Fast forward to a month later and the President’s legal strategy lead by Rudy Giuliani changed to fully acknowledging that Trump knew about the payments and even paid Cohen back with profit in monthly installments in an apparent attempt to prove that no campaign finance violations had occurred with Ms. Daniels’ payment.

Interestingly, some speculators suggest that, if this is actually the manner in which Cohen was repaid, Mr. Trump failed to disclose these Cohen loans on his federal presidential financial disclosures, which presents a different set of legal issues. Kind of a catch-22 for Trump, isn’t it?

But aside from the President’s legal matters, it proves once and for all that Donald Trump is a liar. Reread the transcript, and see that Trump was asked if he knew about the payment to Ms. Daniels and said “no” not once, but twice. Then he was asked if he knew where Cohen got the money—and remember the questions were asked only a month ago—and Trump effectively said “no” three times.

The Trump team’s legal acrobatics present an enlightening irony in how the media has heretofore been uncomfortable calling President Trump a liar, despite multiple efforts to catalogue his mountain of lies, including exhaustive efforts by Politifact, The New York Times, and The Toronto Star, to name a few. Meanwhile, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner exploded Twitter with opinions over whether or not it was appropriate for comedian Michelle Wolf to call Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar, but just a couple days following Trump’s Air Force One lie-extravaganza Sanders took to the podium and said, “There was no knowledge of any payments from the President.”

Now it is fair to say that Ms. Sanders merely discusses communications strategy with President Trump and is not savvy to the President’s wealth of misconduct, and must rely on whatever lies Trump and his co-liars tell her, but examine the previously listed and linked catalogues of Trump’s lies. For all of the lies that Trump has told during her tenure as Press Secretary, Ms. Sanders has pontificated an excuse, a sidetrack, and/or another lie. She is fully complicit in the crimes against truth. If she doesn’t want to be lumped in with Trump’s crew of liars, she can quit. Nothing is forcing her to be the mouthpiece of the lying-est presidency in American history, except possibly a chronic aversion to telling the truth—but I’m no armchair psychologist. Michelle Wolf calling Sanders a liar is just about the most honest public thing to happen to Sanders since she took over as Press Secretary.

So go ahead and read the transcript again, or watch the accompanying video linked above it: Trump’s political and legal opportunism has shifted toward acknowledging he knew about the Stormy Daniels’ payment to get out of a potential campaign finance violation wormhole, but, in doing so, Team Trump acknowledged they have spent over a month directly lying to the American people. Either that, or Giuliani’s claim is just another lie Team Trump has told to unconvincingly exonerate Trump and his allies of the crimes Robert Mueller is not stagnating in finding, investigating, and indicting.

This Giuliani mess is a rubicon of lying, and henceforth the media must stop beating around the bush writing headlines how Trump “changes story,” or that there are “conflicting statements,” or Rudy Giuliani had a “revelation,” or “Trump now says…” etc. Honesty and trustworthiness are not ideals or goals of the Trump Administration drowning in scandals of behavioral and political pandemonium, and it has become objective fact that President Donald Trump is a liar.

The media has a responsibility at this point to the American people to tell us, without meandering, the truth that our President is full of lies.


Dash MacIntyre is a Millennial political columnist from St. Louis. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Halfway Post, a satirical gazette of angrily halfway real news.