Tucker Carlson Comes To Milo Yiannopoulos’ Defense, Describes Him As ‘Conservative Journalist’

Tucker Carlson Comes To Milo Yiannopoulos’ Defense, Describes Him As ‘Conservative Journalist’

This past weekend, former Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos was heckled out of a New York City bar. Milo and a friend of his had wandered into a place full of Democratic Socialists who ended up calling him “Nazi scum” before he left the bar. The encounter was captured on video and tweeted out by The Nation’s Annie Shields, who was in attendance.

With the whole thing drawing a ton of attention over the past 24 or so hours, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson covered it Monday night. And wouldn’t you know it, Carlson portrayed the far-right provocateur — who was essentially disowned by Breitbart and its financiers over his close ties to white nationalists — in a very sympathetic light. All while smugly mocking those who berated Milo, especially the two writers who were in that bar on Saturday.

Prior to welcoming on Chadwick Moore, who was with Yiannopoulos at the bar, Carlson first described the those in attendance as socialists who don’t have their own student loan debt. The Fox News host then claimed they justified calling Milo a Nazi some of Milo’s supporter gave a Nazi salute, something Tucker felt the ex-Breitbarter never saw. (My guess is the justification for calling him a Nazi also came from this in-depth piece revealing Yiannopoulos embraced white supremacists while writing for Breitbart, but that’s just me.)

Carlson also took aim at Shields and Gizmodo’s Brendan O’Connor for being at a DSA event, labeling them part of the “mainstream media” while pointing out that O’Connor and his editor told Tucker’s show to “go f— yourselves.” O’Connor, for his part, wanted Tucker to get the quote right.

Anyway, most of the rest of the segment revolved around Moore providing his side of the ordeal while Carlson tossed out some snarky observations about affluence and intolerance. All the while, he soft-peddled Milo — a man who was fired from Breitbart and dis-invited from CPAC over resurfaced pro-pedophilia comments — and described him as a “conservative journalist.”

At the end of the interview, Carlson snarked that socialists used to have genuine ideas, but now it is just rich kids and it “became all about race and gender like everything.” And in one final flourish, he addressed O’Connor one more time.

“We invited this Brendan O’Connor kid on and we hope he will come on from Gizmodo,” Tucker sneered. “Hopefully tomorrow night and explain what he was doing at Churchill’s, scene of the revolution.”

You can watch the clip above, if you dare, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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