Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump With Russian Takeover Of The Late Show

Colbert's show was hijacked by a Russian agent

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show was taken over by Russia last night as the comedy host mocked Donald Trump and his refusal to accept Russian interference in the presidential election. Colbert joked that Trump was right all along and the election was rigged, but in his favor.

“The big story today is that the CIA has reported to the Senate that Russian hackers acted to aid Trump in the election,” Colbert said. “So Trump was right. The election was rigged. Now, this huge surprise is no huge surprise because back in October, we know the CIA told the White House that Russian hackers were involved but the CIA did not release the report because they didn’t want to sway the election. That’s the FBI’s job.”

“Our electoral system may have been hacked by a foreign power led by strong, virile and magnetic Vladimir Putin. Putin is number one rock and roll party president who have too many muscles for shirts…” Colbert said before trailing off and wondering why he was suddenly praising the Russian leader.

Colbert turned to his teleprompter operator ‘Johnny Cowboy’, dressed in a fur hat and sitting at a laptop with a Soviet symbol on it. “Disney World Coca-Cola, am I right?” Johnny Cowboy said reassuringly.

You can watch below.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.