Seth Meyers: Republicans Want To Paralyze The Government If Trump Loses

Seth Meyers: Republicans Want To Paralyze The Government If Trump Loses

Seth Meyers took a look at Republican plans to stop Hillary Clinton last night. On Late Night with Seth Meyers the comedian mocked Republicans for already planning to block any Clinton Supreme Court nomination and possibly impeach her.

Meyers went through a list of Republicans and conservatives who are making plans in the event of a Clinton victory. He ran through obstructionist lawmakers, commentators urging people to ‘grab their muskets’ and the suggestion that the GOP will leave the vacant Supreme Court seat open for four years.

“Republicans are already threatening years of political paralysis if Hillary Clinton win,” Meyers said. “With some promising to block her Supreme Court nominees for years and others saying she should be impeached.” Meyers said that the presidential campaigns were ‘in overdrive’ as the end approaches.

Meyers played clips of Republican lawmakers saying they might try to block Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees for four years. “Four years! Poor Merrick Garland. Remember him? The guy Obama nominated to fill the seat eight months ago?” Meyers said. “He’s probably just wandering around the halls of Congress like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.”

“Trump and the GOP have destroyed some of our most important political norms,” Meyers said. “They want to jail or impeach anyone they disagree with and if they don’t get to wield power, they want to paralyze the government so no-one can.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.