Keith Olbermann: Trump TV Would Be Propaganda For President Trump

Olbermann believes Trump TV is more than just a back up plan

Keith Olbermann is determined to show how dangerous a Trump administration could be. Five days out from the 2016 election, Olbermann attacked Donald Trump yet again for what Olbermann sees as fascist tendencies. In his latest YouTube video for GQ, Olbermann issued a warning about Trump’s proposed TV station, which is currently in the planning stages.

Olbermann suggested that the possible TV network Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is currently laying ground work for, Trump TV could instead be part of the plan for his administration. Rather than being a back up plan if Trump loses, Olbermann believes Trump could use a TV network to spread propaganda.

“What would a president of the United States need his own television network for?” Olbermann asked. “What would a president of the United States, elected purely as a cult figure and facing enormous opposition from the very moment of his inauguration, do with his own television network?”

“Trump TV is designed as a ready made propaganda outlet in case he wins,” Olbermann said. “Trump TV is not a consolation prize, it is a means of consolidating power once he is in the White House. It might not even remain Trump TV, it might morph into something like ‘Official State TV’. What more could he ask for?”

Olbermann said that Trump’s attitude to media and free speech endangered all news outlets and all critics of a potential Trump administration. He suggested that Trump TV would provide a necessary propaganda outlet for a victorious Donald Trump.

“Even if he is elected, even if he wanted to do this, he couldn’t, you know, establish his own Trump TV network and then shut down all the other media in this country,” Olbermann said. “Let me ask you one question: Who would stop him?”

You can watch below.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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