Keith Olbermann Rages At Trump And The FBI: We Can Beat These Fascist Morons

Keith Olbermann Rages At Trump And The FBI: We Can Beat These Fascist Morons

Keith Olbermann’s latest YouTube video for GQ is a tour de force, denouncing the FBI’s apparent interference in the election, the Republicans and the Trump campaign. Olbermann claimed that Donald Trump and his campaign are dangerous fascists.

Olbermann said the FBI had interfered ‘improperly, immorally and illegally’ in the presidential election. He predicted there would be more from the FBI and he criticized the bureau for the reported divisions and disorganization in its New York office.

“When should we re-classify the form of the government of the United States from democracy to fascism?” Olbermann asked. “If the FBI is already trying to help one party seize control of our government, technically, is that good enough to just cut to the chase and say we are already living in a goddamned fascist state?”

Olbermann cited news reports saying that FBI Director James Comey made the announcement about Hillary Clinton’s emails because he believed there would be a leak from agents ‘hostile to Clinton’. Olbermann linked Rudy Giuliani’s promise that the Trump campaign had some surprises in store with the FBI’s announcement two days later.

Olbermann raged at the FBI for basing an investigation into the Clinton Foundation on the book Clinton Cash, a false account of the Clintons’ finances pushed by the right-wing news site, Breitbart. “This is not just fascism. This is idiot fascism,” Olbermann said.

After listing Donald Trump’s many controversial positions, from banning Muslims to torturing terror suspects, Olbermann said, “He is also stupid.” Olbermann said he would not take back his comparison of Trump’s campaign to Adolf Hitler but “Trump is still far dumber than he looks. And he looks radiantly dumb.”

“These people are fascists,” Olbermann said. “Fearful fascists. But they are also morons. And we can beat morons. We can beat morons with the weapons still left to us: the ballot, the ballot and your efforts to convince just one other person you know to vote in defense of your birthright and in defense of democracy and against morons.”

Watch below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.