Share This If You Think Fox News Should Fire Sean Hannity

Share This If You Think Fox News Should Fire Sean Hannity

Fox News ought to fire Sean Hannity. Preferably in the middle of one of his shows so that everyone can watch.

Hannity unashamedly sniffs Donald Trump’s butthole, and he has stopped pretending to be anything other than Trump’s most annoying shill. It’s embarrassing.

If we compiled a list of the biggest hacks in American politics, Sean Hannity would be the hackiest of them all. During Jon Stewart’s stewardship of the Daily Show, Hannity was the easiest target of Stewart’s satire because Hannity’s lack of political integrity makes it so easy. His hackery exhibits a vacuum of critical thinking, ideological rationalism, and even consistency.

I suppose Hannity will likely leave Fox after the election anyway—especially if Trump loses—to join up with the unfortunately inevitable Trump News Network, so why doesn’t Fox News move ahead of schedule and slide under the tag of Hannity’s resignation with a pink slip? Hannity will likely receive a big retirement package, so what’s the difference if the money comes in the form of severance?

Hannity certainly deserves to be fired. His hackery precludes any interesting commentary in his primetime slot on the Fox lineup, since we all know how Hannity will respond to the day’s current events before he opens his mouth. Why does Fox have to continue to subject America to his hackery?

If only Hannity’s contract with Fox stipulated a non-compete clause that would bar him from any other form of media. He doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with either money or attention for the partisan shit he has dumped all over America’s sense of civility, governmental reputation, and liberal society over the last two decades, but I suppose the world truly is unfair.

So let’s make it more fair. Now that sex offender and Hannity-pal Roger Ailes is gone, Fox ought to fire Hannity, give him his severance payment, and move on.

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Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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