Keith Olbermann’s Somber Warning: Donald Trump’s Deportation Plan Means Concentration Camps

Keith Olbermann’s Somber Warning: Donald Trump’s Deportation Plan Means Concentration Camps

Keith Olbermann’s YouTube videos for GQ have covered all of Donald Trump’s controversies and questionable statements. Olbermann has taken on Trump in his signature cynical style and made his viewers laugh at Trump’s bizarre statements. But now Olbermann has issued a serious warning about what a Trump presidency could mean.

Olbermann described the proposed border wall and the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants as ‘the first evils’ out of the Pandora’s box’ of Trump’s campaign. He called these ideas ‘the starting line of this whole wretched, hateful, bigoted nightmare.’

“The wall still comes up now and again, but what was that other thing?” Olbermann said. “Oh yeah, the mass deportation. How exactly would that work? How exactly would you take 11 million people and make them, you know, leave? Especially if, and I’m going way out on a limb here, they, you know, didn’t want to leave.”

Olbermann described how a Trump administration might deport 11 million people bu tripling the number of immigration agents. Olbermann believes attempting to deport ‘the population of Ohio’ could never be humane and would almost certainly result in violence and death. Olbermann also claimed it would 19 years to deport everyone Trump wants to deport, if everyone co-operates.

“These 11 million people are not simply going to line up on a given day and march out of the country,” Olbermann said. “You’re going to have to take these people and remove them from society.” Olbermann said that once undocumented immigrants were ‘captured’, they would have to be taken somewhere until the process of expulsion was complete.

“Is Donald Trump thinking of humanely keeping them in his hotels?” Olbermann asked. He described how mass deportation centers would be camps where “The living arrangements would necessarily be cramped, crowded, congested, confined. What is the word I’m looking for? Concentrated.”

Olbermann questioned whether these ‘camps with concentration’ could ever be humane and said they would have to be all over the country and ‘some of them big enough to fit the number of people who live in Atlanta.’ Olbermann suggested Trump might make it illegal for people not to report undocumented immigrants. “What could possibly go wrong with that?”

Watch the video below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.