Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Is A Blowhard With A 7th Grade Vocabulary

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Is A Blowhard With A 7th Grade Vocabulary

Seth Meyers isn’t buying into Donald Trump’s claims that he’s winning the election. Last night, Meyers tried to explain to Trump how the big crowds at his rallies would not necessarily translate into vote. He also criticized Trump for complaining things were rigged against him.

Meyers wondered why Trump was walking around during the debate, apparently looming over Hillary Clinton. “Prowling the studio?” Meyers said. “It looked like he was wandering around like he was waiting for his microwave burrito to be done.” Meyers was also not impressed with Trump’s threat to jail Clinton.

Meyers was not impressed with Rudy Giuliani’s veiled threats to Republicans who abandon Trump. “You know, Giuliani likes to think of himself as Tom Hagen from The Godfather but he’s really more of an Uncle Junior from the Sopranos,” Meyers said.

Trump and his surrogates have claimed that the large crowds at Trump rallies are evidence that he’s winning the election. But Meyers didn’t think so. “Just because you have big crowds doesn’t mean you’re winning the election,” he said. “If all you needed to win was a big crowd of people, our next president would be IKEA on a Saturday.”

Meyers also criticized Trump for continuing to claim things are rigged. “You’re a blowhard with a 7th-grade vocabulary who became a celebrity billionaire with a supermodel wife. Life isn’t unfair to you, it’s unfair for you.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.