Trump Pre-Fires Speaker Ryan, Proves He’s A Vengeful Dictator Wannabe

Trump Pre-Fires Speaker Ryan, Proves He’s A Vengeful Dictator Wannabe

Donald Trump has just backstabbed Paul Ryan, suggesting that the current Speaker of the House will be in a different position if Trump wins the election.

Ryan, who has only reluctantly acknowledged Trump’s Republican rise, is getting politically outmaneuvered by a batshit crazy frankenstein’s monster of a presidential candidate, and Trump is seeking the personal vengeance he writes books about.

No doubt Trump’s Deplorables are now going crazy for his alpha male domination of cuckservative Paul Ryan. Trump has—officially—successfully hijacked the Republican Party and turned it into his own fan club.

But, just like Ryanwho earned no loyalty from Trump despite suppressing the enormous moral guilt of acquiescing to Trump’s sociopathic chokehold on America’s civil decencythe Deplorables are mistaken to believe that Trump has any loyalty to them.

A dictator doesn’t care much for the common people he riles up with anti-democratic bigotry as a means to the end of power. It’s not a mystery, as Trump is conspicuously plagiarizing the fascism of 1930s Central Europe, sprinkled with a few Putin-esque homages to Russian authoritarianism. Trump’s rally participants and voters will have no more protection from his egomaniac executive excesses than anyone else.

Donald Trump has already sold these people out ideologically, because he has no rational political vision aside from unbridled self-aggrandizement. His goldfish attention span does not allow for coherent trains of thought or philosophy, and the biggest proof that Deplorables are being scammed is that they are unable to either explain or defend Trump beyond the pavlovian blind faith that he is making America great again. What does that even mean? Deplorables’ attempted explanations all dance awkwardly around the impolite assertion that Trump is making America white again (one admitted it on a billboard).

The Deplorables are Good Americans ignoring Trump’s terrible personality, his suspicious promises to water down some of our most cherished Constitutional amendments, and his egomaniac messiah-complex in the hope they will receive the trickle-down social benefits of racial homogeneity, when in reality Trump2016 is a sociopathically bigoted democratic assault against America’s cultural stability in order for Trump to self-consciously prove to everyone once and for all that he’s an alpha male.

Paul Ryan will not be the last person Trump ever seeks vengeance against, and Trump’s terrible personality certainly suggests that if Trump loses he will spend what political capital he has left sabotaging the careers of the Republicans he blames rather than himself for his 2016 failure. The Deplorables have adopted a truly whiny, little bitch (a la Bill Maher).

If Trump still somehow wins, well… yikes.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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