Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Foundation Is ‘Down To F You Over’

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Foundation Is ‘Down To F You Over’

Seth Meyers is fast becoming the star of political commentary this election season. He added another segment to his barrage of Donald Trump criticism last night. Meyers discussed Trump’s charity donations – or lack thereof – and the allegations that he used his foundation’s money to pay business bills.

Referring to a golf contest with a $1 million prize that Trump initially refused to pay, Meyers said, “He rigged the contest so it couldn’t be won. He’s like a carny working the ring toss at a state fair. There’s a reason the Donald Trump Foundation is abbreviated ‘DTF,’ because it is down to F you over.”

Meyers showed Trump bragging about himself and claims that he’s donated tens of millions to charity. “I personally don’t buy that a guy who talks like this,” Meyers said. “That a guy who brags about himself like that would be charitable on the down-low?” Impersonating Trump, Meyers said, “‘I’d like to send a Christmas goose to the orphanage’. What would you like the note to say, Mr. Trump? ‘From a friend.’”

You can watch the segment below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.