Trump Attacks “Crazy And Very Dumb” Mika Again, Tweets She “Had A Mental Breakdown”

Trump Attacks “Crazy And Very Dumb” Mika Again, Tweets She “Had A Mental Breakdown”

One thing that has been a constant in Donald Trump’s life is the belief that you have to treat women like shit. This has been especially true throughout this campaign. (Just ask Megyn Kelly.) The GOP nominee’s latest target is another female media figure — Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Since May, Trump has engaged in a feud with Brzezinski and fellow host Joe Scarborough over the pair’s “unfair” coverage of the shrimp-fingered former reality TV star. Obviously, the Republican standard-bearer got a bit butthurt when the two began lobbing criticism at him following months of heaping praise on his campaign and giving him an open mic to ramble incoherently.

In the past few weeks, has renewed his attacks on Mika. Sure, he’s included Joe in these, with Scarborough going after him on Twitter and on air numerous times, but he’s saved his most personal and vicious words for Brzezinski. He’s repeatedly called her “neurotic” and “crazy,” said he would spill the beans on her personal relationship with Joe, demanded Mika apologize for the way she handled an interview with one of his surrogates and repeatedly questioned her intelligence.

On Friday morning, the real estate mogul was at it again:



It appears that Trump was upset over a segment where the Mika and the show’s panel discussed how easily the ex-Apprentice host could be baited by a tweet. This was in relation to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeting out that he told Trump Mexico wouldn’t pay for the wall, leading to Trump editing his immigration speech to include an additional line saying they will but they just don’t know it yet.

During this conversation, Brzezinski noted that she had apparently baited him via Twitter and didn’t even realize she was doing it. She then described the Republican White House hopeful as “a seventh fricking grader.” So how did Trump respond? Like a seventh fricking grader.

In Donald Trump’s view, this is not only normal behavior, but this is something women actually like and respect about him. He sees this as sort of an ass-backward charm offensive. He continues to ridicule, insult and personally attack a woman — usually from a distance — until she finally sees the error of her ways and apologizes to Trump. Then he’ll be all ice cream and lollipops to her, letting her know it could have been this way the whole time. Meaning, of course, that she should never have the temerity to be critical of him. Ever.

Justin Baragona

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