Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Is Three Oompa Loompas In A Suit, And Two Of Them Hate Immigrants

The Late Show host mocked Donald Trump's immigration 'screech'

Stephen Colbert used Donald Trump’s immigration speech to mock the Republican presidential candidate on The Late Show last night. Colbert used clips from Trump’s hard line speech on illegal immigration to accuse Trump of being a ‘bad man’ with a changeable personality.

Colbert showed a clip of Trump warning that if illegal immigrants are not deported, there will be continued crime and terrible consequences. The camera cut back to Colbert, who was hiding off screen. Reappearing from the bottom of the screen, Colbert asked “Is the bad man gone? Do I have time to change my pants? Because I am in code brown right now.”

Colbert compared Trump’s measured tone on his visit to Mexico to his ‘screech’ on deportation later the same day. “I don’t understand how he changes emotions so quickly,” he said. “He went from Mr. Cool in Mexico to thermonuclear in, like, an hour. I’m starting to think there might be more than one Donald Trump.”

The Late Show host is not the first person, comedian or political commentator, to note how Trump’s behavior changes rapidly from one situation to another. Trump has been erratic over the last few months, making sometimes bizarre statements. His immigration speech ended any idea that Trump was softening on immigration or ‘pivoting’.

Colbert had his own theory on Trump’s changeable mood. “Here’s my theory,” Colbert said. “Trump is actually three Oompa Loompas standing in a human pyramid inside his suit — one here, one there — and they take turns on who gets to be the head every day. One of them is reasonable, two of them really don’t like immigrants.”

You can watch the segment below.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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