Trump Personally Insults Mika Brzezinski, Calls Her “A Neurotic And Not Very Bright Mess”

The GOP nominee lashed out after the Morning Joe co-host said he sounded drunk during a recent speech and criticized his delivery.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week Sunday morning, new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway insisted that Donald Trump “doesn’t hurl personal insults” when she was asked about his tone. Now, this came as a surprise to most Americans, considering that he’s attacked at least 250 people, places and things on Twitter alone, not to mention all of the nicknames he’s given to his opponents and rivals.

However, it would seem the person most unaware of this behavioral pattern was the candidate himself. Hours after Conway’s statement, The Donald took to his Twitter to rail about Crooked Hillary and sling arrows at MSNBC contributor Donnie Deutsch over a Morning Joe segment that occurred on Friday morning. On Monday morning, he was back at it, going after other MSNBC personalities to personally denigrate them in 140 characters.

Following up a segment on Morning Joe where co-host Mika Brzezinski criticized Trump’s delivery during a weekend speech, saying it sounded like he had too much to drink, the real estate mogul fired off a couple of tweets attacking her and co-host Joe Scarborough.



Trump is obviously referring to the open secret that Brzezinski and Scarborough are romantically linked. Both hosts have gotten divorced in recent years and stories have surfaced that the two will come public with their relationship in the near future. Also, the former reality TV star started a feud with the program and the duo in May over their coverage of him, getting all butthurt when Joe and Mika finally started giving critical assessments of his actions and policies.

Since then, he has ‘boycotted’ the show, swearing to never watch it. (This is obviously untrue due to his constant tweets about the program.) For the most part, he’s gone after Joe more than Mika, but has still made sure to put her in the crosshairs from time to time, like today.

For his part, Scarborough responded to Trump’s attacks by highlighting the fact that Hillary Clinton is focused on winning swing states while the ex-Apprentice host picks petty fights. He also noted that Trump was obsessed with the show.


Outside of Trump proving his campaign manager wrong regarding his use of personal insults, it also shows that this belief that pipedream among Republicans that Trump will finally pivot under Conway’s stewardship is just that — a pipedream. He might be able to deliver a robotic teleprompter speech once or twice a week, have his campaign release carefully prepared statements to the press and actually spend money on ads, but he’s still gonna do shit like this on the daily.

As long as Trump has direct access to his Twitter account, he will continue to submarine all the efforts Conway makes to get him on message. It’s who he is. He ain’t changing. He doesn’t want to change. And Steven Bannon is going to keep whispering in his ear to keep being Trump because the endgame is just about Trumpbart anyway, not winning an election. And Conway will realize her attempts to run a real political campaign are for naught.

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