Is Ann Breaking Up With Donald? Coulter Ridicules Trump’s Softening Immigration Stance

The right-wing provocateur, who's currently promoting a pro-Trump book, was none too pleased with the GOP nominee's shift on immigration.

Over the past few days, we’ve witnessed Republican nominee Donald Trump unleash the Softening, his attempt to appeal to moderate voters by shifting his stances on immigration policy. Following up a private conversation with GOP Hispanics in which he said he wouldn’t be setting up a deportation force, Trump has taken to Fox News to present his new compassionate ideas.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Fox aired a town hall moderated by Trump megafan Sean Hannity. Prior to the first part airing, conservative writer and professional troll Ann Coulter appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball to talk about her latest tome, In Trump We Trust. Host Chris Matthews brought up The Donald’s pivot to conventional conservative ideas on immigration, noting that he had just told Hannity (the town hall had already taped) that he might soften his position. A downtrodden Coulter said it was a mistake if he went down that road and it would be the shortest book tour ever if he backtracked.

Well, Wednesday night, the second part of the town hall was broadcast on Fox, and let’s just say that Coulter was none too happy. In response to Trump conceding “it’s a very, very hard thing” to deport immigrants who have been here for 15 to 20 years, Ann sent out a series of overtly critical tweets.



She also retweeted a photo mocking Trump’s iconic ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.


The thing is, while on the surface it seems like a smart move for Trump to moderate his positions, pivot to the center and appeal to the middle of the electorate, with additional hopes of perhaps bringing over minority voters, this all seems doomed to failure. Considering he spent 14 months demonizing Hispanics, immigrants, Muslims and pretty much everyone else other than white dudes, the negativity towards him from those groups is already baked in. Regardless of what he says in the next two and a half months, he’s not going to peel off any of that electorate.

However, he could demoralize and deflate his most ardent supporters, the alt-right, by going all ‘cuckservative’ on them. By sounding just like Jeb Bush and Lil’ Marco, he could see a significant portion drop out on him, feeling he is just another phony. Therefore, any small gains he makes with suburban whites will be neutralized by the loss of the white nationalists who helped push him through the primary.

This is the message Coulter is sending Trump. ‘You better NOT abandon us.’

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