Ann Coulter: “This Could Be The Shortest Book Tour Ever” If Trump Softens On Immigration

The conservative provocateur, promoting her new book 'In Trump We Trust,' told Chris Matthews that it "is a mistake" for Trump to moderate his stance.

For some reason, MSNBC host Chris Matthews has a weird love affair with professional troll Ann Coulter. He’s had the conservative pundit and Donald Trump superfan on his show on multiple occasions this year, usually more than once a month. Perhaps he thinks it’s good TV; maybe he just likes that she delivers uncut, pure bigotry; possibly he thinks her opinions have merit…who knows? In the end, he gives her a non-wingnut platform to pontificate.

On Tuesday, Coulter was on Hardball once again, this time to pimp her latest hate-filled tome, In Trump We Trust. (I’m pretty sure we know what this ones about.) After the right-wing author discussed how awesome Trump’s rally speeches were but how they’re even better now coming from a teleprompter, Matthews wanted to know her thoughts on the real estate mogul’s apparent softening on his immigration stance.

Referencing Trump’s statements recently and quoting the GOP nominee telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “there certainly can be a softening because we’re not looking to hurt people,” Matthews tossed it to Ann for a reaction. A downtrodden Coulter said the whole thing “sounded very consultant” to her, noting that “this could be the shortest book tour ever if he’s really softening his position on immigration.”

Trying to boost up her morale, she said that she doesn’t think he’s changing his policy, but added that she believes that he’s getting some bad advice from his staff. “I think this is a mistake,” Coulter remarked. “It sounds like it’s coming from consultants.” She also pointed out that right now, Trump is starting to sound like the GOP candidates he beat in the primary, giving the same politically-expedient answers.

Based on Ann’s reax to the Trump immigration shift, this should come as a bit of a warning to the sentient circus peanut. His rabid support from the alt-right is due to his unabashed white nationalism, his promise to kick out a whole buncha brown people, the belief that there will be a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL along the Mexican border. He’s going to stop the browning of this country, he’ll get rid of multiculturalism (or cultural Marxism, as they like to say) and bring back real white pride.

But, with this new approach, where he’s trying to appeal to suburban white professionals who aren’t too keen to vote for a blatant racist, it may just demoralize many of the true believers. By pandering to African-American voters and saying that he may not deport 11 million people after all, well, it may backfire on him and lead to him losing even more of his base. Because, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims ain’t voting for him no matter what, regardless of his pivot du jour.

Yet, what happens if the alt-right starts dropping out? Where does that leave Trump? What is his actual voting base going into November?

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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