Trump Declares The RNC A Raging Success, Claims It Was “Peaceful” And “Love-Filled”

Trump Declares The RNC A Raging Success, Claims It Was “Peaceful” And “Love-Filled”

The morning after Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump essentially called for a race war in America while delivering a dark, dystopic, brutal vision of the nation, he attended a press conference with his running mate, Mike Pence. Speaking to reporters, he spun a tale of a convention that was something akin to Woodstock.

“This was probably one of the most peaceful, most beautiful, most love-filled conventions in the history of conventions,” said the man who just hours earlier was basking in the chants of “Lock her up!” while labeling his opponent a criminal.

According to the reality TV star turned Republican standard-bearer, the convention was peaceful because people didn’t die in riots. Sure, delegates in the hall started foaming at the mouth when Ted Cruz wouldn’t offer up his endorsement, and Cruz’s wife Heidi had to be high-tailed out of the arena lest she be assaulted, but yeah, this was totally the “most peaceful” convention in the history of conventions.

And let’s not forget “most love-filled,” OK? Apparently, love is sending a coked-up Rudy Giuliani to whip up both racial resentment and hatred of Hillary. Love is prosecuting a mock trial against the Democratic nominee. Love is one of your primetime speakers claiming unequivocally that President Obama is a Muslim and “with the bad guys.” Love is constantly exclaiming how terrible and awful America is because of a black POTUS and a female Secretary of State.

As for it being the “most beautiful,” I guess he’s talking about the fact that the GOP had the fewest black and Hispanic delegates at the convention in recent history. Or that his ex-model wife blatantly stole part of her speech from the First Lady. Or maybe he’s just thinking about how he ogled his daughter after she introduced him the night before.

Anyway, below are his comments, courtesy of CNN:


Justin Baragona

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