On First Day As GOP Nominee, Trump Links Ted Cruz’s Dad To JFK Assassination — Again

On First Day As GOP Nominee, Trump Links Ted Cruz’s Dad To JFK Assassination — Again

Less than 24 hours after accepting the presidential nomination from the Republican Party, Donald J. Trump appeared at a press conference/rally where he thanked volunteers and basked in their adulation. During the event, he talked about how “peaceful” and “love-filled” the Republican National Convention was, calling it the greatest of all conventions. He also mentioned how awesome the National Enquirer is and how Ted Cruz’s dad just happened to be buddies with Lee Harvey Oswald right before he killed JFK.

Wait, what?!?!

Yep, now officially christened the GOP nominee, Trump revived his smear against Rafael Cruz that was one of the main reasons Senator Cruz refused to endorse him for president. As you may remember, during the heat of the Republican primary, Trump floated out the notion that the senior Cruz was intimately involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. And, on Friday, there he was once again tossing it out there.

“I don’t know his father. I met him once. I think he’s a lovely guy. All I did is point out the fact that on the cover of the National Enquirer there was a picture of him and crazy Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast.”



Yep, that’s all you did, Donald. Just asking questions. Just wondering out loud what’s going on. Just thinking that maybe ‘there’s something going on.’ I mean, enquiring minds want to know.

I guess this is that so-called presidential pivot we’ve been waiting for, huh?

As one would expect, there was a lot of chatter about this on Twitter.



I wait breathlessly for Monday morning to hear Mark Halperin and Joe Scarborough discuss this after slobbering all over Trump’s fascistic Thursday night speech.

Justin Baragona

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