“The Grotesque Unfairness Of Life”: Geraldo Rivera Is Despondent Over Ailes’s Departure

“The Grotesque Unfairness Of Life”: Geraldo Rivera Is Despondent Over Ailes’s Departure

The news of Roger Ailes’ departure as chief of Fox News on Thursday was hardly a surprise, as it was leaked earlier in the week that the 76-year-old network exec was out in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. After Fox confirmed, then walked back, and finally denied reports on Tuesday that Ailes was axed and given a $40 million parachute, the now former head of the conservative channel announced his resignation two days later.

It was a given that many of the Ailes loyalists at FNC would take the news hard. Perhaps the most over the top reaction came from correspondent Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera had been one of Ailes’s top defenders after former host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the GOP kingmaker. In one weird tweet, he compared Ailes to the grizzly bear in The Revenant. (Yeah, the one who looked like it was raping Leonardo DiCaprio.)

The ex-tabloid host took to Twitter once again Tuesday to express his grief, this time making it seem that a mega-rich sexual predator getting millions to walk away was super unfair.



Well, you just knew that Geraldo was gonna catch some crap for that. And he did.


(For the record, Rivera has been married five times and who has publicly complained about sexual harassment laws making it tougher to hook up.)


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